May 19, 2008

Art is over, but it's never over...

So the class is coming to an end, it seems surreal that we will not be entering almost all of the classes that we have grown up in the last 4 years; we also will not be coming back to Lakeridge (except for juniors) next year, it is no longer the home that we will come back to next year. However just because art class is over does not mean that we will not be doing art. Whether you are going off to art college next year and will be creating art nonstop or continuing to doodle on the side of your pages. Or maybe your attempting do a get rich quick scheme like me. Anyways I have been thinking about different ways of continuing art and have ran across many different ways to keep involved. First off every tuesday in "old town" West Linn there is a wine tasting, farmers and artists market, which I will be going to tomorrow. Also it's easy to keep involved with art because it is hard to avoid. It's always on someone's wall or grafitied under a bridge. Currently I'm working on some abstract pieces that I was going to attempt to sell but, I like them so much and same with my parents that I might just keep them. Anyways just because art is over doesn't mean that it will ever be over.

Feb 25, 2008

Concentration Epiphany (sort of)

I realized for my concentration I do not need to use specific people for models of what I am creating. Mr. Campbell looks like a turtle, but the people at A.P. don't know who he is... it could be anyone or someone I made up in my head. So if I wanted to I could do whatever I wanted and just give the thing human features. I think that this will add more pleasure to my concentration and also open it up to greater possibilities and more creativity. We'll see how it goes!

Feb 2, 2008

Mr. Moneybanks

I decided to exercise the sketchbook/blog deal, and only update my blog and not do a sketchbook. I like that it consumes less time, but the sketchbooks are more creative. Anyways here is my latest sketchbook, I am going to explore the whole graffiti thing in the future, but the stencils are fun to make. This is one of my mustache a while ago, and I drew the monopoly man around it.

Jan 21, 2008

Banana, Plant, and Bunny

Bunny Sketchbook

This is the final plant picture that was inspired by the artist during the Art Retreat.

Banana Drawing, Crayon and Acrylic on board.

Jan 6, 2008

Constipated Turtle

This is my piece on Mr. Campbell, he looks exactly like a turtle when he pokes his neck out, and he talks extremely slow at times with big pauses. Anywho the whole walking up a hill and pooping on accident, and then sweating; that does not reflect campbell. But none the less he is a turtle, and let me know what ya'll think!

HABITS (sketchbook)

Dec 3, 2007

Allie Raztitter

This is my portrait of Allie R. I think she looks like one of those asian porcelain good luck cats, and so this is her and the great wall of China. Pretty cool.

Nov 30, 2007

Self Portrait

This is my self portrait, and the first piece of my concentration. Even thought I am not stoked on painting I am very pleased with how this turned out. hopefully this picture turns out on this page, all the other pictures i've posted are all messed up and it only shows 1/3 of the whole pic. if anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it let me know of a remedy. (I already tried using photobucket and that didn't work).

NOTE: So after spending at least an hour attempting different ways to get pictures up on this site, which included making a photobucket account, and being shunned for updating my blog in class, this goofy thing just started to work! So hopefully my blog will be a lot more productive, I will have more pictures that show the whole thing piece and not just 1/3rd of the darn thing. enjoy.

Libby I.

This is my concentration portrait of Libby. Tell me what you think; pro's, cons, do's, don'ts, likes, dislikes ect.

Nov 8, 2007

Sketchbook pictures

Like I said below about not feelin' my concentration, I just finished my self portrait and really like it but the process of creating it was not that fun. I am going to experiment with crayons when I do my next piece, which is Libby Israel; she reminds me of a robin so I will do a picture of her half robin half lib. tech. Anyways the whole picture uploader was not working for me on this blogger site so someone suggested photobucket so I made an account and if this works these are three sketchbook pieces that I like and would like to make more of. ENJOY!

Nov 4, 2007

Not feelin' the concentration

So my concentration, I like the concept but I am not too sure about the actual creation of the pieces. I enjoy the sketchbook pieces that I make (I have pictures of them on the blog). But I need to either change my concentration, or incorporate the style I enjoy into my artwork. I DO NOT like painting that much so maybe that is my problem maybe a different medium will do the trick for me, we will see but any suggestions or comments are much appreciated.